(Applicable to Texas Systems)

My aerobic system has an activated alarm. What does it mean, and what should I do?
Alarms usually mean that some part of your system has malfunctioned or that the alarm itself has malfunctioned. Call us for instructions. We will be happy to diagnose your symptoms on the phone or come to your location and help you with the situation. Before calling, you might want to write down all the symptoms and any other unusual circumstances. Symptoms might include audible alarms, light alarms, or air compressor not operating. Audible alarms may be silenced by pressing the reset at the control box. This will not solve the problem, but at least the alarm might be silenced. Has your system been disturbed by modification to the area due to yard work or other occurrences around the system? Have you noticed any electrical problems due to lighting or other outages? Have you had excessive rains or other flooding that may have caused your system to overload? The problem should be resolved as soon as possible to prevent system damage or contamination of property or the environment. Please call us (210-884-0814) for assistance.
Can a plumber or irrigation specialist repair a problem with my aerobic system?
Not unless the person has the appropriate Onsite Wastewater Maintenance Provider license or Onsite Wastewater Maintenance Technician registration from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TECQ). Carnes Enterprise has all the appropriate licenses and training to do the job.
What steps do I need to take to legally move, add or cap a sprinkler line to my aerobic system?
Contact a Aerobic System Installer or maintenance provider for such actions. Regulations vary from County to County with regard to permits and inspections of system installation or modification. All system modifications must meet State and County regulations. Carnes Enterprise keeps current with all State and County regulation in which we conduct business and will be happy to assist you with any system modifications.
How do I know when my aerobic system or conventional system needs to be pumped?
The advantage of having a contract agreement for your aerobic system with a reputable service provider like Carnes Enterprise is that you will be notified when your system requires pumping. Carnes Enterprise can also provide the company recommended to do the pumping of your system.

Van Delden On-Site Wastewater SystemWe highly recommend Van Delden Wastewater On-Site Systems for cleaning septic tanks. They have over 75 years of family-owned and -operated management. Work is performed right the first time, every time. Call them at 210-698-2000 or go to their website to contact them.

For conventional systems, it is recommended that you pump your septic tank every 3 to 5 years to prevent short circuiting the treatment process.

Additional Information: The pumping company may have a surcharge for digging up the lid of your tank if it is not visible. Carnes Enterprise can provide that service if you desire.The pumping Companies that we recommend are well versed in the requirements of both aerobic and conventional systems when pumping is required. They will perform all necessary actions for system tun-on after pumping your unit.

Should I use additives in my septic system?
Septic tank additives are not required for bacterial action to begin in a conventional septic system. Bacteria are present in the waste deposited into the tank and will grow and colonize in the tank under normal conditions. The process is a natural biological action that does not need an additive to help it do its job. Additives may do more harm than good and we do not recommend the use of septic system additives.The use of additives may cause the system to not operate as designed and could cause contamination of soil substrates.



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