We have over 35 years experience in the utilities installation and repair business and are trained, certified, and licensed. We offer the following services for residential and commercial sites:

Aerobic Septic Systems:

  • Consultation and diagnostic services.
  • Aerobic septic system design and installation.
  • Scheduled inspections/monitoring as required by state and county permitting agencies. Sludge tests at each inspection with written pumping recommendations (if applicable).
  • Inspection reports provided to County agencies and TECQ when required.
  • Contract options for inspection services and written inspections posted on site or emailed to you.
  • Repair or replacement of air compressors/aerators.
  • Air system repair, including diffuser cleaning/replacement.
  • Sprinkler line repair.
  • Installation of tank lids and risers.
  • Replacement of effluent pumps and repairs to effluent tank and parts.
  • Lift station installation.
  • Air line repair.
  • Replacement and/or repair of control boxes.
  • Wiring repair.
  • Installation and repair of liquid chlorinators.

Aerobic Septic System Installation Process

This slide show depicts an installation of an aerobic septic system in Bulverde, TX, from beginning to the end (click here for other pictures of aerobic septic installations):

Jim Carnes of Carnes Enterprise digging a hole for an Aerobic Septic System.

Conventional Septic Systems:

  • Installation of complete system.
  • Repair/replacement of sewer lines to system.
  • Repair of lateral fields.

Below are some pictures of conventional septic systems processes:

Conventional Septic System, View 1, Bexar County, Texas

Landscaping and Land Clearing:

  • Light excavation, landscaping, and grading. This includes topsoil and base distribution, landscape tear-outs, grading, site clean-up, and runoff control.
  • We have completed many projects where we have cleared trees and brush from areas and improved the landscape. Below are examples of the land clearing and improvements of very rough terrain (click here for more examples):
Land before clearing.

Roads and Driveways:

Many of the roads and driveways in the country are either made of gravel or base material, which is an inexpensive alternative to asphalt.

  • We design, prepare subsurface, prepare surrounding area for proper drainage before applying road material.
  • Apply base material, grade, slightly mound the center of the road (for proper drainage) roll surface.
  • Install under road drain pipes were required.

Here are a few examples of these types of roads and driveways completed by Jim Carnes of Carnes Enterprise (click here for more examples):

Picture of completed road.

Other Services:

Post holes dug, pads for foundations including trenches, fill in for your land, trenching for water lines and other utilities, and more, call us.  We have the machinery to do the work.

Here is a slide show depicting these services:

Relay Electric Line



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